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videos of the 2nd booty shaking contest winners of the 2nd booty contest
1) Video length must be a minimum of 2 minutes
2) Must show face at some point during the video
3) Must show a clearly readable "shakinit.com" sign twice during the video (check the contest entries for samples). Writing "Shakinit.com" on your body will do fine as well.
4) Nudity is not allowed but thongs, skirts and shorts are fine!

1st place$200
2nd place$120
3rd place$100
4th place$80

Entries must be submitted by April 25, users will be allowed to vote from April 26 to April 27, winners will be declared on April 28. Only registered forum users will be allowed to vote (registration is free). Prize will be issued anonymously to your email through a wishlist/gift card of your choice (like amazon.com etc). If you have a Paypal account that allows credit cards payments we can send you cash through paypal. Alternatively you can setup an AlertPay account.

Legal info
All submitted videos become property of Shakinit.com and may be used for future promotions. By entering the contest you declare to be 18 or older and agree to all the rules above. If you need additional details contact us at admin-at-shakinit.com.